The word “sushi” refers to the vinegared rice that can be parred with seafood or vegetables.
There are two main types of sushi: maki (rolled and sliced into several round pieces) and nigiri (one ingredient upon a formed finger of rice). The slices of raw fish are called sashimi.
Sushi has been fairly described as “edible art”, and it must be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste. To make it happen, our chefs has set together unique compositions of fishes and seafood from around the world.
The menus´ content will vary from day to day depending on the availability of the raw materials so that you are guaranteed the best quality of the ingredients.
In Deluxe Menu our chefs will separate the servering, starting with sashimi, then nigiri and end with maki.
Please tell our member if you prefer us to serve the compositions as one big dish.



(Maki: 8 pieces pr. order / Futo maki: 6 pieces pr. order)


Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. This means that they are great for sharing and provide the perfect excuse to try as many items as possible, or just to have it as an appetizer. Most of the dumlings in our menu is homemade.


The dishes may contain traces of nuts and other allergenic ingredients.
Please tell the waiter if you have any type of food allergy before placing an order for food or beverages.
Guests with severe allergies or intolerances should be aware that although all due care is taken, there is a risk of allergen ingredients still being present.
 Please note, any bespoke orders requested can not be guaranteed as entirely allergen free and will be consumed at the guest’s own risk.
Wheat, Shellfish, Egg, Fish/ fish products, Peanuts, Soya/ soybeans, Milk, Nuts (almonds, cashew…),
Celery, Mustard , Sesame seed/ sesame oil, Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, Lupine, Molluscs.




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